Meet Rebelution: your e-Commerce

Our full-funnel, multichannel approach offers end-to-end services to successfully build and grow your e-Commerce business. Our in-house team leverages a suite of custom technology alongside deep industry expertise to drive revenue for clients. We work with brands who are ready to immerse themselves in a more complex and custom approach to push their business to the next level. Our dedicated and data-driven team enables our partners to scale their business across marketplaces worldwide.

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Make your move count and
create waves like these players


Break those barriers to entry with
end-to-end services

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Profitable Top-line Growth

    • Receive regular reports and deep insights on product performance to navigate better conversions profitably
    • Command your CoGS sell through and increase online sales through thorough KPI analysis
    • Obtain progressive business opportunities by leveraging our extensive partnership network
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    • Receive logistic solutions through the capabilities of Pick-Pack-Shipping.
    • Access warehousing and inventory management services directly with zero downtime.
    • Import products from anywhere in the world to the United States without any hassle.
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    • Get access to our 150+ manufacturing partners globally
    • Get your products quality checked on-site with our QC experts
    • Get packaging and labeling that comply with international standards
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    • Achieve instantaneous category and competitive insight through the use of the most advanced financial technology.
    • Employ the highest performing automated and robotic technology to monitor KPIs and automatically perform menial tasks.
    • Dominate your ad campaigns using our API Connected Database, forecasting and KPI summarization tools.
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Creative Product Insights

    • Our in-house creative team will elevate your brand with custom photography, copywriting, content creation and web optimisation to curate a unique catalog
    • Daily Product crawls to ensure every item is aligned with your current brand standards test 
    • Identify gaps in the E-commerce market to help position, price and promote your products

Dominate commerce with
smart ecosystems

Optimizes, simplifies, and increases advertising returns with customized reporting
    • Achieve strategic results with algorithmic bid management and adjustment
    • Generate revenue with AI recommended search terms
    • Save valuable time with automation, and effortlessly monitor and analyze performance
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Compares performance of a specific product against the overall product category
    • Compare key metrics of a product such as Net Shipments, Shipped COGS, Net PPM, Accruals etc. against the overall category performance.
    • Identify areas of improvement and optimization to adjust strategies to meet changing category trends
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Helps evaluate the effectiveness and impact of the listing content
    • Identify areas for improvement in the content strategy for driving more traffic to the listings
    • Make data-driven decisions about how to optimize the content for maximum impact
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Enables you to check stock positions of Amazon at key zip codes in every state in the US
    • Get zip code wise details of product in stock, out of stock, limited stock left
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Monitors and reports counterfeiters of your products, title, bullet points and other key parameters
    • Daily checks of your listings to identify breaches
    • Automatically report breaches to Amazon
    • Review and optimize the product titles and bullet points for maximum visibility, relevance and conversion
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Helps identify and generate a list of keywords relevant to the products
    • Research relevant keywords and search terms that people use to find products similar to yours
    • Helps you attract more targeted traffic to your listings and improve the chances of converting those visitors into buyers
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Receives user input of customer-facing variables to forecast more accurately than historical sales modeling
    • Defines the impact of customer reviews, ratings, marketing investment, promotions, coupons, sell price, and product ranking for precise forecasting in today’s turbulent e-commerce marketplaces
    • Offers users a forecasting method more intelligent than models based only on historical sales
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Gives brands insight into competitive and category landscape intelligence surrounding product, price and placement
    • Benchmark against competitor offerings to identify assortment gaps
    • Gain real-time pricing snapshots and identify Minimum Advertised Pricing (MAP) violations
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Intelligently mines product information, content, performance data, and pricing to empower brands to enhance product discoverability
    • Extract search data with a single keyword or key phrase, or extract specific data for bulk ASINs or UPCs
    • Acquire competitor data and product ranking from their product detail page
    • Discover gaps in SEO and content optimization throughout your catalog
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Measures the visibility and exposure a product receives in a key word search pertaining to a product category
    • Analyze count of your ASIN’s in organic and ad searches
    • Identify how your competitors are ranked in specific keyword searches for the product category
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Tip the scales in just 90 days

An uprising is a-brewin' at Rebelution HQ to defy conventions in retail and industrial distribution and help you rewrite the rules of the game.

30 Days
60 Days
90 Days

30 Days

In the first 30 days, we’ll set you up for success

  • Understand the market
  • Evaluate content and media
  • Set up seller accounts

60 Days

Next, we help you focus on sales

  • Access Multiple Sales Channels
  • Build and Launch Brand Campaigns
  • Commence eCommerce Sales

90 Days

Then, we focus on growth and expansion

  • Analyze and Review Sales Reports
  • Explore New Product Offerings
  • Enhance Campaign Management

Latest insights from  Rebelution


Our profitability has increased

“With the help of Rebelution, we have significantly grown our Amazon business for 2 consecutive years and are continuing the growth into our third year. Both their technology and incredibly deep understanding of the Amazon platform has helped us hit not only our budgets but also our stretch goals. They are a great partner to have."

Jeff Johnson
Vice President of Sales
Johnson Level – Hultafors Group

“Rebelution is the perfect partner for AmerTac. Their experience and dedication at Amazon are second to none, and joining forces with them now is perfect timing as we expand our e-commerce resources and dedication."

John Quast

“Everyone at Rebelution is a pleasure to work with. They are knowledgeable, responsive, and fun to work with. Not only do they support us with our current business, but they are always ten steps ahead thinking of the future of our business.  You can’t have a better partner than that!"

Robert Wynne
Director of eCommerce & Sales
Adesso Inc

“We are thrilled to partner with Rebelution to launch Dunlop Protective Footwear USA on Amazon. Dunlop is the innovation leader in protective footwear, and we are excited to bring our proprietary Purofort boots, and our Made in USA PVC work boots to the Amazon consumer. Rebelution knows how to win in the B2B space and will help extend our brand into the B2C marketplace"

Colin Clark
Chief Marketing Officer
Dunlop Protective Footwear

Ragtag bunch of experts
and misfits in retail

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Melonie Carnegie

Chief Executive Officer

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Cody Niles

Director of Sourcing and Distribution


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