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Cree Lighting

#1 on Amazon out of 9577 similar products in just 65 days.

Johnson Level

Maximizing Topline Revenue Growth.

Dunlop Boots

Launching on Amazon in an already cluttered and competitive category


March to your success
with our movement

An uprising is a-brewin' at Rebelution HQ to defy conventions in retail and industrial distribution and help you rewrite the rules of the game. We’re industry veterans and leaders turned passionate adventurists who are making noise and resisting conventions to tip the scales in your favor.


Break those barriers to entry with
end-to-end services


    • Identify gaps in the market to help position, price and promote your products.
    • Get a competitive edge with in-depth competitor analysis reports.
    • Build your brand with custom photography, web optimisation, content creation and curation.

Product Development

    • Get competitive insights when designing
      your products.
    • Understand how to design products compliant with standard manufacturing processes.
    • Get insights on how to design your product in order to reduce costs.


    • Get access to our 150+ manufacturing partners globally.
    • Get your products quality checked on-site with our QC experts.
    • Get packaging and labeling that comply with international standards.


    • Get end-to-end logistic solutions:
    • Get access to zero downtime warehousing and inventory management services .
    • Import products from anywhere in the world to The US without any hassle.


    • Get regular reports and deep insights on product performance for better conversions
    • Control COGS (Cost of Goods Sold) and increase sales volumes on online and offline channels
    • Get progressive business opportunities by leveraging our partnership network

Disrupt commerce with
smart ecosystems

Take control of your product catalog in all marketplaces
    • Compare competition and get deep insights to identify gaps in your catalog
    • Analyze and identify keywords that work
    • Get real-time pricing snapshots and identify Minimum Advertised Pricing (MAP) violations
    • Create and export detailed reports

Have all the critical information surrounding your brand at your fingertips
    • Simple crawl with keywords, ASIN, UPC, model number or bulk crawl with ASIN/UPC
    • Gain insight into competitor brand presence
    • Highlight gaps in catalog or deficiencies in content throughout your product catalog
    • Export 10+ data fields to Excel or CSV

Call the shots on Amazon advertising with a user-friendly and interactive dashboard
    • Real-time campaign adjustment, reporting, and bid recommendations
    • Receive guardrail spending alerts
    • Set custom date ranges, spend limits and improve campaign performance
    • Run product performance analyses, ACOS/ROAS reports

Dominate Amazon through advanced insights and make informed decisions
    • Discover statistical patterns in historical data
    • Apply patterns to new data for accurate predictions
    • Simulated outcomes for all input variables
    • Accuracy margins provided

Tip the scales in just 90 days

An uprising is a-brewin' at Rebelution HQ to defy conventions in retail and industrial distribution and help you rewrite the rules of the game.

30 Days
60 Days
90 Days

30 Days

In the first 30 days, we’ll set you up for success

  • Understand the market
  • Evaluate content and media
  • Set up seller accounts

60 Days

Next, we help you focus on sales

  • Access Multiple Sales Channels
  • Build and Launch Brand Campaigns
  • Commence eCommerce Sales

90 Days

Then, we focus on growth and expansion

  • Analyze and Review Sales Reports
  • Explore New Product Offerings
  • Enhance Campaign Management

Our profitability has increased

“With the help of Rebelution, we have significantly grown our Amazon business for 2 consecutive years and are continuing the growth into our third year. Both their technology and incredibly deep understanding of the Amazon platform has helped us hit not only our budgets but also our stretch goals. They are a great partner to have."

Jeff Johnson, Vice President of Sales
Johnson Level – Hultafors Group

“Rebelution is the perfect partner for AmerTac. Their experience and dedication at Amazon are second to none, and joining forces with them now is perfect timing as we expand our e-commerce resources and dedication."

John Quast, CEO

“Everyone at Rebelution is a pleasure to work with. They are knowledgeable, responsive, and fun to work with. Not only do they support us with our current business, but they are always ten steps ahead thinking of the future of our business.  You can’t have a better partner than that!"

Robert Wynne, Director of eCommerce & Sales
Adesso Inc

“We are thrilled to partner with Rebelution to launch Dunlop Protective Footwear USA on Amazon. Dunlop is the innovation leader in protective footwear, and we are excited to bring our proprietary Purofort boots, and our Made in USA PVC work boots to the Amazon consumer. Rebelution knows how to win in the B2B space and will help extend our brand into the B2C marketplace"

Colin Clark, Chief Marketing Officer
Dunlop Protective Footwear

Ragtag bunch of experts
and misfits in retail

Melonie Carnegie

Chief Executive Officer

Justin McMillan

VP, eCommerce

Deshandra Henderson

Director of Strategic Initiatives

Cody Niles

Director of Sourcing and Distribution


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