Message from a CEO: When Your Coworkers Are Part of Something Special

18 Jul, 2023

Not all heroes wear capes, and my team is the perfect example of that.


As CEO of Rebelution, I recognize how important my team is. Appreciation in the workplace is something many companies don’t acknowledge, but I assure myself and my team for it.

A recent study from O.C. Tanner found that when leaders fail to recognize their team, employees are 42% less likely to be engaged.

Having your colleagues feel a part of something not only increases engagement, but boosts productivity, strengthens company culture, and improves the overall reputation of your brand.

Recognition starts at celebrating team members as professionals AND individuals.

Build connections!
Celebrate success and growth!
Recognize the efforts and dedication people are making for the well being of the company.

In my experience, I found that seeking employee input is instrumental in making people feel a part of something big. At Rebelution, we pride ourselves on #diversityandinclusion , and hearing the perspective of different employees is essential to a successful team. We invite our “heroes” to share coworker shoutouts, wins, and celebrations.

The more positive people feel about their work environment, the better the output of their work will be.

What are some ways YOUR company celebrates its team?

Melonie Carnegie

CEO of Rebelution

Visionary, results-driven sales, marketing, business development executive with an outstanding record of performance. Expertise in people development, sales management, new business development, deal structuring, contract negotiations, recruiting, and training.