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Share of Voice

Measures the visibility and exposure a product receives in a key word search pertaining to a product category

  • Analyze count of your ASIN’s in organic and ad searches
  • Identify how your competitors are ranked in specific keyword searches for the product category


Intelligently mines product information, content, performance data, and pricing to empower brands to enhance product discoverability

  • Extract search data with a single keyword or key phrase, or extract specific data for bulk ASINs or UPCs
  • Acquire competitor data and product ranking from their product detail page
  • Discover gaps in SEO and content optimization throughout your catalog

Market Watch

Gives brands insight into competitive and category landscape intelligence surrounding product, price and placement

  • Benchmark against competitor offerings to identify assortment gaps
  • Gain real-time pricing snapshots and identify Minimum Advertised Pricing (MAP) violations

Machine Learning Forecast Tool

Receives user input of customer-facing variables to forecast more accurately than historical sales modeling

  • Defines the impact of customer reviews, ratings, marketing investment, promotions, coupons, sell price, and product ranking for precise forecasting in today’s turbulent e-commerce marketplaces
  • Offers users a forecasting method more intelligent than models based only on historical sales

Keyword Generator

Helps identify and generate a list of keywords relevant to the products

  • Research relevant keywords and search terms that people use to find products similar to yours
  • Helps you attract more targeted traffic to your listings and improve the chances of converting those visitors into buyers

Intelligent Automation

Monitors and reports counterfeiters of your products, title, bullet points and other key parameters

  • Daily checks of your listings to identify breaches
  • Automatically report breaches to Amazon
  • Review and optimize the product titles and bullet points for maximum visibility, relevance and conversion

Geographical Location Product Availability

Enables you to check stock positions of Amazon at key zip codes in every state in the US

  • Get zip code wise details of product in stock, out of stock, limited stock left

Content Scorecard

Helps evaluate the effectiveness and impact of the listing content

  • Identify areas for improvement in the content strategy for driving more traffic to the listings
  • Make data-driven decisions about how to optimize the content for maximum impact

Category Benchmarking

Compares performance of a specific product against the overall product category

  • Compare key metrics of a product such as Net Shipments, Shipped COGS, Net PPM, Accruals etc. against the overall category performance.
  • Identify areas of improvement and optimization to adjust strategies to meet changing category trends

Advertising Platform

Optimizes, simplifies, and increases advertising returns with customized reporting

  • Achieve strategic results with algorithmic bid management and adjustment
  • Generate revenue with AI recommended search terms
  • Save valuable time with automation, and effortlessly monitor and analyze performance

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